Arrow” season 6 will not make it any easier for the viewers despite the recent death of Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus in the season 5 finale. Chase, who is portrayed by Josh Segarra, is the big bad of the previous season. Now, according to Cinema Blend, season 6 will introduce a new batch of villains in the series.

While The CW network has not revealed the antagonists of the upcoming season, the earlier mentioned source pointed out the possible ones that may occur once the show returns. It has been reported that a character named Ricardo Diaz may debut in the next few months.

‘Arrow’ might cast Ricardo Diaz

A casting announcement reportedly took place for a 30-40 year male that can play Ricardo Diaz. The said character was described as a hardened ex-convict. Diaz spent time in prison for the crimes he did not commit.

Prior to this, he also spent years in streets. Considering Diaz is a martial arts expert, he will definitely be a great additional fighter to the series. If in luck, he may even become one of the series regulars.

Moreover, Diaz received worth $25 million of settlement and later on decided to rule the underworld of Star City. In the DC Comics New 52 era, Ricardo Diaz played an important role in the material source as a villain.

Who is Ricardo Diaz?

Diaz’s father is a known drug lord.

After the death of his father, he chose to travel the world. He was able to train under the supervision of a person named Richard Dragon. The said training resulted in a decision to modify his body into a weapon.

However, when Richard Dragon went on to teach compassion, Diaz killed him and took the identity for his self. As for the possible Green Arrow plot, Diaz believed the Star City vigilante killed his father.

Seeking for revenge, he will use the $25 million to put a bounty on Oliver Queen. Diaz is expected to team up with Danny Brickwell and Killer Moth in order to defeat the Green Arrow.

This sort of story is already a familiar one. It can be recalled that Prometheus fought with Oliver too in the previous season, as a revenge for his father.

Furthermore, the casting announcement has not been confirmed by Warner Brothers or The CW network.

In the end, chances are still high that they are looking for a perfect Ricardo Diaz. After all, Oliver Queen has always been better off fighting non-meta-human villains.

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