If you've watched enough "The Big Bang Theory", the news is that Sheldon's grandmother is coming to the spin-off. Affectionately named "Mee-maw," Sheldon has regularly spoken about her, but she was only shown on screen once in the show. In season 9, she appeared and instantly showed her dislike for Amy, who had previously broken Sheldon's heart. Played by Annie Potts in "Young Sheldon", fans will get to see Mee-maw in more action.

Annie Potts signs on as series regular

Sheldon's grandmother will do more than appear once or twice. Potts has signed onto "Young Sheldon" as a series regular.

It makes a change since fans have only seen her the once on "The Big Bang Theory". It's just unknown what type of role the grandmother will have in young Sheldon's life, but she is likely to be a strong force and loving woman. This is a woman who cares deeply for her genius grandson and will do anything to make sure he is happy.

Mee-maw is described as a heavy drinker and foul-mouthed Texan. It is likely that the drinking will show up, but it's unknown just how foul-mouthed she will be. After all, the show is to air straight after the parent show "The Big Bang Theory." That means 8:30 p.m. and not the right time for a lot of strong language. Viewers may find that her language is interrupted or covered up in funny, ingenious ways.

Unfortunately for some fans, this isn't going to be the same actress as the one who appeared in "TBBT". The spin-off is set decades in the past, so a younger actress was needed.

"Young Sheldon" is already slated to be an intriguing and funny insight into Sheldon Cooper. While set in the past, Jim Parsons will do the narration, bringing in some sense of connection for "The Big Bang Theory" fans.