Jessica Simpson went topless for her 37th birthday and she shared a picture of this with the masses. She has one caption for that picture, she is telling her age "36" to "kiss my butt." She's in her pool floating on a big green monstrous-looking tube in the photo. She's not dressed for the occasion, but at least she has certainly accessorized for her time floating about in the water. She's sporting Jennifer Lopez-style hoops and donning designer-type sunglasses.

It looks as if Jessica has spent some time in the sun as her bronze color would go well in a "Baywatch" movie.

You can see her floating about without her top in the Facebook post below. The now 37-year-old mother and wife originally broke into the entertainment scene during her first marriage to Nick Lachey, who has since moved on and remarried.

Back when it was Nick

Before Jessica walked down the aisle with Kevin Johnson, her soulmate and the father of her two kids, Maxwell and Ace, she walked down the aisle with Nick. Then she spun her first year of marriage into one of the first reality shows to grace the small screen.

The producer who worked on all three seasons of "Newlyweds," which is a show Jessica and Nick made very popular, offered up some behind the scenes secrets after all these years, according to E News.

The reality show lasted as long as their marriage, three seasons.

The real Jessica Simpson

The producer, Sue Kolinsky, talked about what most people talked about when Nick and Jessica shared their trials and tribulations with the masses. Everyone wondered if it was scripted. One thing that the producer said about the show, she believed that what you were seeing on-air was Jessica Simpson's true personality.

Well, it was Jessica's antics that kept the masses entertained, but she did have a way with things that left the audience at home sometimes sitting there with their jaws dropped. One scene that became famous from "Newlyweds" that people still talk about today is the scene where she thought Chicken Of The Sea was chicken. You can see that clip in the YouTube video below:

Recently, news broke that Whole Foods recalled 440 pounds of buffalo chicken salad when someone in the plant discovered it didn't contain chicken, but it mistakenly contained tuna fish.

Jessica saw the joke in this because she once believed her tuna fish was chicken. She tweeted a message to Whole Foods, which can be seen below. Simpson has a good sense of humor, she tweeted: "It happens to the best of us."

Kolinsky said that she believed the Chicken of the Sea scene was real, Jessica really did not know it wasn't chicken until she tasted it. The producer said she truly believed that a lot of things that the audience heard Jessica say were really the true Jessica. She said that there was a lot of tension between Nick and Jessica. He was a real blue-collar guy who was frugal while Jessica had extravagant taste, and they really were quite the opposite.

Father in charge of family planning?

The producer said that Jessica's father was very involved in their lives. Jessica and Nick really didn't have much in common, except for maybe their music. She was much younger than Nick, by about seven years. Nick wanted a family, but her father thought she was too young. It had to be hard for Nick to have his father-in-law have so much say in their marriage, especially when it came to family planning. Speaking of the true Jessica Simpson, you can see her strutting her stuff in the video below: