HONG KONG - "Produce 101" Season 2 contestant Samuel Kim held a solo fan meeting at the APM shopping mall in Hong Kong on July 16, 2017. After finishing in 18th place on Season 2 of Mnet‘s "Produce 101" he gained a lot of international followers according to KoreaBoo. However, while he was dancing in Hong Kong, he accidentally slapped one of his fans in front of the crowd. Here are the details and reactions to the accident.

Samuel Kim First Solo Album

"Produce 101" Season 2 contestant Samuel Kim's first solo album is set for release on August 2, 2017, at 4:00 PM.

KST. In this album, he has collaborated with South Korean Kim Chung-ha who is also a contestant on Mnet's boy band survival show. It includes several hit tracks including "Jewel Box," "Sixteen," "I Got It," "1,2,3," "U", and "I'm Ready." To promote his album, he was in Hong Kong for a fan meeting at the APM shopping mall.

South Korean solo artist accidentally hit fan

It was Samuel Kim's first fan meeting in Hong Kong as a solo artist. As he has gained high popularity both domestically and internationally, his first overseas event had high expectations from fans. The event is free to watch for everybody so a lot of people attended the event.

During the event, the artist signed posters and performed before his fans.

He also played games with them and showed his amazing dance moves. However, "Produce 101" Season 2 contestant Samuel Kim accidentally hit one of his fans in the face while they were dancing. Many of the people around were shocked at what happened. Samuel Kim, on the other hand, quickly apologized and gave her a hug.

The slap was accidental and not too major.

However, Samuel Kim was extremely sorry and embarrassed. Meanwhile, the female fan just smiled and assured the artist that she was fine. The adorable reaction of both the South Korean solo artist and his fan made the crowd explode. It was quickly spread all over social media. Instead of negative comments, the accident has received positive reactions and envy.

Fan reactions and comments

Several fans expressed their envy all over the social media saying "Did that girl save the world in her past life? She's so lucky." Others also expressed that Samuel Kim is the best and his reaction was too adorable. Other fans also revealed their desire to be accidentally slapped as well and get hugged by the artist. AllKPop wrote that they were "waiting for the moment." Stay tuned for more American and South Korean celebrity updates.