A Plane crash scene in the Florida Everglades offered a gruesome scene for the news helicopter crew hovering over the crash site. From the air, you could see a body and a large Alligator was eating the human remains.

The plane involved in this crash left from a Florida flight school four days earlier on an unauthorized flight. There was only one occupant onboard that flight, the pilot He has not been identified yet.

A scene of gore below

The helicopter footage showed a plane wreckage in the swamp with an alligator nearby wading in the water, reports the New York Post.

The editor of WPLG News tweeted, "A gator appears to be chewing on a body next to the wreckage.

You can see this in the video below, but the gruesome images have been blurred out. It may still be disturbing for some to view considering the subject matter.

Plane reported missing

The aircraft which is seen in pieces in the video was a Cessna 152 single engine plane. According to The Sun, the plane was located four days after it was reported missing from the Christian Inc Flying School, which is out of Miami, Florida.

The plane crashed in a remote area of the Everglades and it wasn't located until about 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are investigating this crash, working in tandem, according to The Sun.

Plane in pieces

According to Dunya News, the logo that was seen on the plane indicates it was owned by Dean International Flight Training & Aircraft Rentals. Robert Dean, who owns the aircraft said that the flight was not authorized.

Dean said he called different locations to see if the aircraft was there and he also got in touch with the people who may have been traveling with the pilot.

Dean also contacted the FBI over the missing plane on Wednesday before the plane crash was discovered.

Did pilot crash due to spatial disorientation?

Dean offered up a theory as to why the pilot might have crashed the plane. He said the pilot might have crashed the plane while flying in the total darkness over the Everglades as a result of spatial disorientation, which sometimes occurs in pilots flying under those conditions.

The Everglades are very unforgiving surroundings without a shelter or a boat. It is not known if the plane crash victim was killed in the plane crash or if he was injured in the crash and killed by the alligator. His body had been out in the elements for four days by the time the crash site was located. If he were still alive upon impact, he was in grave danger the minute he landed in that swamp from alligators and snakes.