On Tuesday, Bella Hadid left everyone stunned when she walked the runway with her see-through black top during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The 20-year old runway model left everyone in surprise as she showed her sexy chest with her sexy black top. She wore a super daring black long-sleeve, a high-necked shirt, billowing trousers, a black hat with veil, and metallic boots.

Just like the usual, Hadid rocked the runway with pure glamor and confidence. Apparently, it was not the only skin-baring garments that the runway icon wore during the said fashion event.

The famous fashion icon also donned herself a shining silver gown which showed off her sexy neckline. The gown also had a waist-high slit which clearly featured her long and slender legs.

Disco-ball styled outfit

Apart from Hadid's see-through sexy top, the young fashion icon also looked hotter when she wore her disco-ball inspired outfit. It even looked stunning on her when she accessorized it with a belt on the waist using a black sash. Her silver disco ball inspired gown was less steep compared to the black outfit she worn. However, her legs were still clearly visible as the runway model walked the runway.

During the entire show, Hadid had kept her hair plain and simple. She pulled her hair off in a small bun.

Meanwhile, she also wore natural-looking shades for her make up during the fashion show. Without a doubt, the young fashion icon has never been shy about flaunting off her sexy figure to the public, as per a report from Entertainment Tonight.

Risqué-styled photos

Being one of the youngest fashion icons of her generation, Hadid was known for wearing the less covered outfit and skin-baring gowns during fashion events.

She has been known for her risqué styles that which most of her photos had surfaced online. Hadid was also identified for her sexy tops and most striking looks. Nevertheless, the young fashion icon has been clearly known for her confidence over different fashion styles.

Most of the time, she doesn't let an opportunity pass by not to show off her sexy body in any fashion event.

To recall, the young model also posed for a photo shoot as she wore a nude thong and nothing else more for the snapshot. With everything she wears, Hadid simply looks glamorous in all aspects.

Hadid, being one of Victoria's Secret models, has always worn her confidence on whenever she poses for a camera or whenever she does a show on the runway. The undisputed queen of skin-baring fashion has always left everyone in awe whenever she came out of the show.