Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are moving on from each other. But their children are making it hard for the Jolie to forget Pitt, as their kids want to be around and see their father often. According to a recent report from Yahoo7 Be, the Jolie Pitt kids are having a hard time in accepting the reality that their parents are already divorced. Allegedly, the six children still cannot accept the fact that the "World War Z" actor is not living with them anymore.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids wanted to invite him on her birthday

The publication even revealed that the children wanted to invite Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie's 42nd birthday.

Although the ex-couple have been separated for nine months, it seems like the former "Tomb Raider" actress is still not ready to interact with her ex-husband.

As per the outlet, the kids begged Jolie to invite Pitt on her birthday last weekend. They even reportedly surprised Jolie and that reportedly included Pitt's appearance. Aside from that, the children also begged Pitt to come to their mother's birthday celebration.

The kids reportedly told Jolie that they were happier when they were still complete as a family. Despite the children's request, Jolie is still not ready to spend some time with Pitt. According to reports, Shiloh is the one who is struggling the most, after learning that Jolie and Pitt have gone separate ways.

Obviously, Jolie wants to keep her children happy. However, she is emotionally not ready to face her ex-husband. Seeing Pitt again could potentially drain her, on an emotional level.

Pitt continues with his life, ready to see other people

In the meantime, the "Troy" actor is reportedly enjoying his life as a single man. Pitt admitted that his separation from Jolie had a negative impact on his life, but seeing a therapist made it easier for him to move on in his life.

The "Allied" actor blames himself for the downfall of his relationship with Jolie.

Pitt is definitely back on track and reports claimed that he is now seeing someone else. The Inquisitr revealed that Pitt and Jolie want to co-parent their children and that Pitt wants to remain friends with his ex-wife.

The divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has reportedly led to his sobriety.

Pitt reportedly wants to create a good relationship with Jolie and their kids even if they are not together anymore as a married couple. Although he is interested in seeing other people, the famous actor is reportedly not ready to be in a serious relationship again.