"Dunkirk," directed by Christopher Nolan, is a movie about the famous battle of Dunkirk, often referred to as the Miracle Of Dunkirk. The battle took place during World War II in France and was fought between the Allies and Nazi Germany. Nolan also wrote the script and co-produced the film. The focus of "Dunkirk" will mainly be on the evacuation. The movie is to star such actors as Fionn Whitehead, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and of course Harry Styles.

Style's film debut

According to Hollywood Life, Harry Styles is to play a 23-year-old named Alex. Alex is a member of the British Army and is among the 400,000 other soldiers stationed at Dunkirk.

He is one of the characters seen waiting for help at a French beach as the Germans continue their attack. Time is of the essence as the Nazi Bombers are quickly approaching. Harry Styles can be seen in the trailer in many life-threatening situations.

As seen in the trailer, it appears that character Alex makes it onto the first rescue boat. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse. Style's voice can be heard telling his fellow soldiers that they need to evacuate the ship. One can assume that they are being bombed by the Germans. He has heard once more as an explosion rocks their vessel. There has been no comment as to whether or not his character will survive.

Co-Star jealous of Style's popularity?

According to Digital Spy, one of Harry's co-stars has been complaining about the attention Style's has been receiving.

First-time actor Fionn Whitehead has stated that the focus on Styles takes away from the meaning of the movie. He has expressed that the movie is not just about Style's first film debut but about the miracle of Dunkirk. However, Whitehead simply appears threatened by Style's popularity and perhaps feels he will not be recognized for his own role in "Dunkirk".

Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement of the movie. Many of them supported Harry Styles when he was a member of "One Direction". His loyal followers have been retweeting the newest trailer of "Dunkirk". Many of them are stating that they will be watching the movie as soon as it is released in theaters. This is sure to bring in great ratings for the movie and act as a major boost for Harry Style's career.

"Dunkirk" is due to be released in theaters come July 21. The movie will be featured in 70 mm film projection in over 100 theaters worldwide.

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