It's been a while, almost four years to be exact since Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating news got converted into breakup news. The beautiful couple allegedly fell in love with each other while filming "Spiderman," where they both played the lead roles. Unlike other Hollywood breakups that consisted of bitterness, scandal, controversies, and hints of cheating or a third-party, Stone and Garfield's breakup were quite the opposite. It was pretty much low-key, and the A-listers handled it like a pro, keeping the first few weeks of the breakup in isolation.

Eventually, news about their breakup leaked, and that was only the time that they confirmed the sad news.

After years of separation, it would be quite logical for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating other people right? However, it appears that both have not been in a romantic relationship after their split, which is one of the reasons why the fans are still hoping for a romantic reunion.

'La La Land' actress, 'Spiderman' actor focusing on their careers

Hollywood seems to be a small world for exes, with all the awarding events, premiere nights and other celebrity parties happening on a regular basis. That said, there were a lot of instances where Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield met each other and made their fans swoon as they acted like long lost friends who never lost touch with one another.

According to reports, the most recent where the "Easy A" actress and "The Hacksaw Ridge" actor were seen interacting with each other was at the Golden Globes award ceremony in Feb. 2017. The former couple warmly greeting each other did not miss the paparazzi and the eagle-eyed fans.

According to sources close to Stone and Garfield, the ex-lovers are still in constant communication with each other despite their busy schedules.

'Crazy, Stupid Love' actress, 'Silence' actor open for possible reunion

A possible reunion of the lovers turned to friends is still considered to be very viable, considering that they are two of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood.

According to sources close to the couple, the possibility of them working together again on a movie project is acknowledged by both parties.

It won't be difficult for Stone and Garfield to work together again since they are in good terms with each other. In fact, a future collaboration in a movie project might even be the opportunity for them to get back together as a couple.