It's been 10 months since the final season of "American Idol" aired on Fox but now the once popular singing competition may be making its way back on TV. NBC is currently in talks to revive the show but it will have an impact on the long-running series "The Voice."

Fox aired the 15th and final season of "American Idol" in April 2016 and, since then, many fans have turned to "The Voice" to satisfy their love of televised singing competitions. However, Variety reports that if NBC works out a deal and brings "Idol" back, it will cut "The Voice" down to one season per year instead of two.

Talent show overkill?

No deal is in place just yet, but NBC is reportedly in talks with FremantleMedia to bring back 'Idol' all while trying to figure out where they could place the show in their programming lineup. The answer may be putting 'Idol' on one season per year and filling the other spot with 'The Voice.' Of course, that may not sit well with fans of 'The Voice' who have enjoyed watching the show twice per year since 2011.

Whether cutting back on one show to add another singing competition is a good idea won't be known until (if) the deal is made and the shows air. Although they are similar in that they both feature people competing for a prize based on their singing talent, there are fans who prefer one show over the other, especially when it comes to the celebrity judges/mentors.

In addition to "The Voice," NBC already has "America's Got Talent" and there's another show in the works — "World of Dance," a dance competition series that will be hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Adding "American Idol" to the mix could make NBC's lineup a little heavy when it comes to talent competitions.

Ryan Seacrest on board?

“American Idol" started to tank in the ratings in the final seasons on Fox and Variety reports that "The Voice" has not been doing as well as it used to, although it still remains one of NBC's most popular shows outside of NFL games and the new drama, "This Is Us."

And then there's the big question — would Ryan Seacrest remain the host if "Idol" is picked up by NBC?

Before the final season aired on Fox, Seacrest told reporters that the show had a long history and millions of fans, so he wasn't sure that it would ever end — and now it looks like it may make a comeback. However, he made no mention as to whether he'd revive his role of host. Stay tuned!