"American Horror Story" season 7 was one of the highlights at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and its teaser was first released during the event. As expected, "American Horror Story" lived up to the fans' expectations, maintaining, if not, exceeding the creepy factor from previous seasons.

The title of "AHS" season 7 is "Cult," which pretty much gives fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming season. What makes "AHS" different from other horror TV series is the fact that it deliciously dwells on the most mundane and simple fears of the viewers.

While most people are already creeped out with cults, the showrunners amplified the fear and made the cult members wear a creepy clown face in the first teaser.

For the past few months, the showrunners have been dropping hints and teasers for "American Horror Story" season 7, and it has finally culminated in the first released trailer for the season at the recently held San Diego Comic-Con. According to Entertainment Tonight, the official website for FX's upcoming horror TV series was revealed in an extravagant waterfront show. Just like the trailer, the website is also filled with creepy clowns.

Not for the fainthearted and clown-haters

The history on how clowns came to be a creepy icon instead of a jolly party-entertainer remains murky.

However, it's already mid-2017 and clowns are already part of several horror movies and TV series. That said, it appears that "AHS" season 7 is hopping on the creepy clown bandwagon and have even made it be the central scary factor in its recent trailer.

In the "AHS" season 7 teaser, a cult wearing uniform clown masks are in the middle of a ritual and an unsettling voice asks several creepy questions in the background.

The voice seems to be looking for new recruits, targeting those who feel alone, misunderstood, afraid and weak. The voice then gives an offer that seems to be difficult to refuse, saying that joining the cult can make one feel free and strong. But the question is, what's in it for new recruits? Will there be a blood compact, a gruesome sacrifice or some sort of soul selling?

'AHS' season 7 air date

"American Horror Story" season 7 premiere is scheduled on September 5 at 10 pm on FX. While the latest trailer for the series has already polluted the viewers' memory with clowns and cults, it's still worth noting that that's not all there is for the upcoming season.

In an interview in "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," Ryan Murphy revealed that the series will also be about the recent election. While Murphy did not elaborate about the plot, his short revelation had some fans thinking that there might be a character in the series that may be similar to Donald Trump.