There is no denying that "American Horror Story" is scary. The benefit for many is that it takes unusual and supernatural events and puts them on TV. From the very first day, ghosts, witches, and monsters have been the main focus for scares. However, "American Horror Story" Season 7 is going to take a very different take. It's going to focus much more on real life, taking elements from the horror story that was the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Ryan Murphy pushes boundaries with 'American Horror Story'

Ryan Murphy isn't afraid of trying something new.

That is evident in all his TV shows, including "Glee," "Scream Queens," and "American Crime Story." He wants to give people something exciting every year, rather than fall into the trap of writing the same old storylines over and over again. That means taking risks at times, which he certainly did with the first-person filming view in "American Horror Story" season 6.

"AHS" 7 is going that one step further. Rather than focus on supernatural events with a few historical elements thrown in, Murphy has said that he will focus more on the real life event of the Presidential Election. It may even have a character that is very similar to American's own new president, Donald Trump.

No title for 'AHS' season 7 yet

Fans who were hoping to see a new title for the show will be disappointed. Murphy has only shared the basic premise and the title will come up in the future. At least fans have the basic idea. "AHS" season 6 was shrouded in mystery until the premiere, with fake teasers released to keep the buzz around the season.

It is possible that the show will have a "Purge" like feel. Is it possible that the world will have been thrown in utter chaos, as nobody feels safe in their own homes? Will there be more focus on the events in the White House and in the campaign head quarters, rather than the public who would need to vote on their candidates?

"AHS" season 7 hasn't begun filming yet. That is set to start in June 2017, with season 7 likely premiering in September or October 2017. So far, only the presidential election storyline has been shared, leading to mixed reviews from fans.