As a reality TV star, it's safe to assume that everyone will put their two cents in when drama ensues. That's how it went down when "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Rob Kardashian posted explicit photos of his ex-fiance, Blac Chyna, earlier this month after she sent him a video of herself kissing another man. Kardashian's Instagram account, which was littered with photos of a very naked Chyna, was soon shut down. He then took to Twitter to continue to say negative things about her, but his tweets have since then been deleted.

Chyna has obtained the services of celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom to issue a restraining order, but it seems that her baby with Kardashian, Dream, is still free to spend time with her aunt, Khloe Kardashian.

T.I., Tyga, Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni, and Kardashian's lawyer have commented on the issue, but the rest of the Kardashians remained uncharacteristically quiet about it. But another celebrity close to Chyna is now speaking out about the revenge porn issue, and that's self-proclaimed feminist and Slut Walk founder Amber Rose.

Slut Walk founder defends Blac Chyna

Amber Rose, who herself received backlash in June when she posted a photo of herself showing off her private parts on Twitter, defended Blac Chyna, telling Complex’s Everyday Struggle (via PEOPLE) that Chyna did not have a baby just to "spite" Kardashian, despite his claims. Rose explained that at the time of their engagement, they did want to become parents and that's why Dream came about.

However, things took a turn for the worse, which is why they broke up and called off the engagement. According to Rose, having a baby "wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t an 'entrapment.'"

Rose calls Kardashian 'petty'

Amber Rose had some choice words for Rob Kardashian after the stunt he pulled against Blac Chyna, the mother of his only daughter.

She said, "He didn’t have to go on the internet and be petty, and now he’s dealing with revenge porn," which is, in fact, punishable by California law. Chyna and Kardashian are set to return to court on August 8 for more permanent orders from the judge.

Blac Chyna keeps herself busy at work

Despite the ongoing drama, Blac Chyna has gotten back to work.

After appearing on ABC to talk about her experience with revenge porn at the hands of her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian, Chyna has gone back to work and collaborated with her friend, Nicki Minaj for a new video. Minaj shared video clips on her Instagram of herself with Chyna shooting a new video with pink Lamborghinis.