In less than six months, fans will finally see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in theaters, but still, nothing much is known about its main villain Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). People behind the movie franchise are perfectly doing it right in keeping the antagonist’s personality in secrecy and making it very mysterious.

With that, the leader of the First Order’s identity is often surrounded with theories and assumptions. So, viewers are clinging to the emerging leaks to know something about him. With that, a new sketch image of the humanoid alien is now circulating online and said to be revealing his real looks.

A sketch image

The known spoiler mill Making Star Wars collaborates with an artist named Jared Jones to make the most accurate sketch of Supreme Leader Snoke's appearance.

Just like what the LEGO figure revealed, they make it have pinkish skin, milky blue eyes, and wearing a golden Jedi robe. With what they thought the real look of the Force-sensitive character, they come up with an image of an elderly, thin human. This contradicts what Lucasfilm and Andy Serkis confirmed that he is an alien.

In the sketch, Snoke’s white and blond eyebrows are not included, although it is visibly added in his Lego version. Also, there are reports that his eye-color is hinting he is blind, which gives birth to the theories that he is Kanan Jarrus.

Another hint is his Jedi-like robe that might be suggesting that he has been part of the Jedi order before.

The image’s details

To recall, Supreme Leader Snoke is first seen in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” through a hologram.

He appears to have bluish-pale skin like Emperor Palpatine. He, too, is always in the shadows that make him look like blurry and darker.

But, his real image is predicted by the leaked toy from LEGO, which makes him look like far more human.

The Making Star Wars editor-in-chief Jason Ward revealed that when he saw Snoke in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” he got intrigued by his eye color. Although he seems to have “conjunctivitis around his eyes,” looking closely can make someone notice that he has eyelashes.

In fact, it can be seen in “The Force Awakens,” but it is more evident when he’s not on a hologram. He, too, has eyebrows that seem to have white and blondish color. Thus, he believes that he might have blond hair and blue eyes when he is still young. But, just like in the sketch image, he has two holes in his throat that look utterly disgusting.