Fifty Shades Freedstar Dakota Johnson revealed that she and her co-star Jamie Dornan were forced to do something for the effective portrayal of their roles. The “Black Mass” star revealed that she and Dornan were forced to become friends because of their intimate scenes in the E.L. James movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Dakota Johnson grateful for Jamie Dornan friendship

This was something forced upon her but she eventually became grateful. The 27-year-old actress admitted that her friendship with Jamie Dornan became one of her cherished relationships in her life.

Inquisitr reported that Johnson was amazed at how her friendship with Amelia Warner’s husband has deepened.

Earlier, she admitted that filming their intimate scenes together was tedious but because of the friendship that developed between them, she has given justice to the Anastasia Steele role. She credits to the actor her realistic portrayal of her role and filming has become fun and simple. The “Siege of Jadotville” actor also said that he did his best to help and protect Dakota Johnson.

Amelia Warner admits Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are just friends

The only downside to their friendship is the never-ending dating and relationship rumors. Linking Amelia Warner to the rumors was the worst thing since she has to answer some queries on the real score of her husband’s relationship with Dakota Johnson.

The pair has been denying their dating rumors because Dornan is a happily married man as reported by The Bitbag. His wife and Johnson are good friends also and Warner even admitted about the two actors’ friendship.

The third film in the franchise, “Fifty Shades Freed” will hit the theaters in February 2018. This is a must-see for the millions of fans of the “Fifty Shades” franchise because Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele will tie the knot and have children.

The trailer for the film showed the pair with kids and they really looked lovely together.

E.L. James informed that she is planning to take “Fifty Shades Freed” to a more mature level. She also intends to shift the tone of the movie to become wholesome. But it will be a risk since all the film adaptations of her novels are erotic and sexy.

Talks of a fourth movie have been going on for some time but nothing has been confirmed yet. The two lead stars are both busy lately and if they commit to a fourth film, they have to wait till their schedules are cleared.