Aaron Carter has finally shared his own side of the story after he was arrested in Habersham County, Georgia over drug charges. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the actor completely felt emotional with what happened. It was believed that the 29-year old singer cried a lot as he shared his emotions with the press.

As per investigations from Georgia's police officers, Carter was arrested due to DUI refusal and possession of drugs like marijuana. Further, he also revealed that he was not able to sleep since his arrest on Saturday.

Carter explains his arrest

Carter sat down with Entertainment Tonight and revealed how he has been coping with the incident. He added that he was listening to America and Stevie Wonder's "O Brother Where Art Thou" kind of soundtrack in order to ease the anxiety that he has been feeling.

Further, the singer also shared that prior to his arrest, Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, were spending a night at the club in North Carolina. Meanwhile, he just decided to buy a cheap car in order to avoid wasting his money on renting cars. He further revealed that the car he bought was not in good shape and condition and hence he has to guard his girlfriend on that entire night. On the day after, Carter headed to Alabama and eventually stopped at the Auto Zone in Georgia.

He also shared that he was allegedly accused of reckless driving that's why he was arrested.

On the other side of the story, the singer further explained that he only went to the Auto Zone for the car alignment and nothing else. According to him, to his surprise, a police officer approached him and arrested him on alleged charges on drugs.

Severe anxiety

Amid his arrest, the singer also explained about the severe anxiety condition which he experienced since September 11, 2001. Carter added that his anxiety started when he saw the World Trade Center got hit across the Hudson River. Since then, he already had that tension and was not able to get rid of it from his senses.

Meanwhile, Carter also revealed that he wasn't under any influence of drugs and alcohol. He also shared that he does not drink alcohol due to his medical condition. However, he also admits that he sometimes sips some beer occasionally. Carter also explained that the last night he smoked a marijuana was nine hours before he traveled to Georgia.

He also emphasized that he only used marijuana in order to treat his anxiety. Further, the singer is also willing to undergo a polygraph test in order to prove that such marijuana was meant only for his medication.