It sounded like a real, "live" Ghost Story. During March, a blurry image of a Young Girl was caught by a field camera off Route 74 in Cambridge, Washington County, N.Y. When the photo was more recently posted to Facebook, it caused quite the stir, quickly going viral on the social media platform. People who saw the image on Facebook believed the hazy photo was the ghost of a young girl and that it was proof of the afterlife.

Many upstate New Yorkers also saw the image and became convinced that ghosts do exist, but then the very much alive young girl’s grandfather came along and dashed their hopes.

Psychics and mediums wanted to help the young girl’s spirit ‘cross over.'

When the photo was first posted to Facebook, paranormal experts asked to look at the actual footage, taken from the field camera that captured the image. The president of the Paranormal Research Team, Tania Woodward, told News 10 that there are many historical places around Cambridge and that they do “pick up a lot of stuff” in the area. As reported by the New York Post, police in Cambridge received many calls from psychics and mediums, who said they could help the girl’s spirit cross to the “other side.”

While it seemed like the small Washington County town would have to call in the “Ghostbusters,” it was soon revealed that the young girl in the eerie image was very much alive and well.

Grandfather recalls walking with his granddaughter at the time

It turns out the owner of the property on which the photo was captured didn’t recognize the young girl, so she took a copy of the picture to Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell. Bell said that by that time the photo had gone completely viral on Facebook.

However, after receiving so many calls from psychics and mediums, along with various nationwide media outlets, Bell finally got a phone call that proved the photo wasn’t quite what it seemed. The girl’s grandfather had contacted him to say she was alive.

Initially, Bell didn’t give out the grandfather’s name but said he was a local businessman in Washington County who had told him that around the time the photo came out, he had been walking with his young granddaughter on a four-wheeler path in those woods.

News 10 soon learned that the grandfather in question is Chic Wilson, who owns the Willard Mountain ski resort in Greenwich. Wilson said at first, he had no idea the photo was such a hot topic in the small town, saying many people were hoping this was a genuine ghost story.

As for Bell, he is just happy the situation has been resolved and that the phones have stopped ringing off the hook about a potential ghost.