"Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 3 opened with Jon's arrival at Dragonstone. Then, it became apparent that we were going to witness the first meeting between the show's main protagonists very soon. So it was easy to overlook the scene between Varys and Melisande.

While standing on the edge of a cliff, Varys asked the Red Priestess why is she avoiding Jon Snow. After admitting that she didn't part with Jon and Davos on good terms, Melisandre finally revealed that she is going to Volantis. What happened next was curious, to say the least. Varys advised her, in a threatening tone, to never return to Westeros.

And Melisandre replied that she would be back once again because she has to die in Westeros and so does he. A terrified look on Varys' face closed the scene, and we were left in shock wondering what does it all mean? Watch the scene down below before proceeding with the article.

Did Varys betray Daenerys?

I never thought Varys could betray Daenerys until I saw this scene. After all, it was in the second episode of the season that he revealed that his true loyalty lies with the people and that he believes that Daenerys will be a great ruler. Also, his actions throughout the series suggested that he indeed supports the restoration of the Targaryen dynasty. But no matter how loyal he seems to be, one should never trust the Spider.

He will betray Daenerys in my opinion. In fact, I think, he already did. Let me explain.

Isn't it strikingly odd that Euron Greyjoy knew exactly when to attack the Greyjoys and the Martells? To me, Cersei acted like she knew exactly what is going on in Daenerys' war council. Maybe she knows Tyrion all too well and that's why she was able to predict his actions easily.

But I doubt it. In my opinion, Varys was the one who informed her of these plans which eventually resulted in Jaime's decision to split his forces, leaving only a small portion of his army to defend the Casterly Rock while sacking Highgarden at the same time.

Was Varys' death foreshadowed?

In Season 7 Episode 2 we saw Varys cross-examined by Daenerys.

He was able to get himself out of the tricky situation by saying how his loyalty lies with a people and Daenerys seemed to believe him. However, she did say that she will burn him alive if he betrays her. At the time, I thought that it wouldn't come to that. But now, with this scene between Varys and Melisandre, I can't help but wonder was it a foreshadowing of Varys' death?