There are many things in life that we can say for certain but death opens up a whole new breed of mysteries. The afterlife remains one of those unanswered questions which we will probably never resolve. It is the basis of a lot of people’s belief in religion, and our mortality helps us stay driven during our lifetime. David Lowery’s latest FilmA Ghost Story” examines these poignant questions with the help of a disarming white bed sheet.

The mystery of the afterlife

From the trailer, it is quite clear that “A Ghost Story” is not your average ghost story.

The film stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara as a couple peacefully living out their life in a suburban setting. Tragedy strikes when Affleck’s character simply known as C passes away unexpectedly, leaving behind Rooney Mara’s grieving widow (who is known as M).

The film takes a dramatic turn when C returns after his death, donning nothing more than a goofy white bed sheet and observes M go about her life without him. It seems that C is stuck on earth despite being dead and he uses the opportunity to embark on a cosmic journey through memory and history in an attempt to confront some of life's biggest questions.

What to expect

David Lowery has had a pretty good track record in the recent past, with films like “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and “Pete's Dragon” behind him.

By looking at the trailer of this film and examining “Pete's Dragon”, it is clear that Lowery likes to use innocent and mysterious elements in his films to tackle larger questions. The casting looks extremely solid too, and expectations from Casey Affleck will be at an all time high after the actor recently took home the Oscar for Best Actor.

A Ghost Story” has already received raving reviews so far, and it looks like a deeply meditative experience for the viewers. An early review call it “a sneakily ambitious meditation on life after death, the endurance of romantic connection, and the value we place on the spaces we occupy.”

A Ghost Story” will receive a limited release on July 7, 2017. You can catch the trailer below until then.