It is time for "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" and Jorge and Anfisa are back once again. These two don't seem to be getting along much better than they were before. In a new preview, Jorge has to reveal something big to her, and it is going to come as a shock. It turns out that Jorge doesn't have the money he made her think he does. If you have paid attention to Anfisa at all, you know she won't be happy about this news.

What has happened with Jorge's finances?

It turns out that Jorge's business hasn't been going near as well as it used to be and he is actually not a millionaire.

The thing is Jorge even has some debt that needs to be taken care of, which is not going to make his wife Anfisa very happy at all. He has told her that he had a lot of money and there has been some speculation that his money and the green card could be the reason that she married him.

Jorge admits that he was slacking off before he got married to Anfisa and that is part of the problem. She isn't happy at all and of course, tells him "You promised me I’ll get whatever I want.” If you remember, she is the one who threw a fit when he couldn't get her exactly what she wanted before.

Could this ruin their marriage?

Anfinsa and Jorge already have a lot of problems in their marriage, but now she is saying that she doesn't feel like she can trust him.

She is really upset about the fact that he lied to her about how much money he has and that there is debt she didn't know about before now. Anfinsa is trying to make it sound like this has nothing to do with money, but it has to do with the fact that she can't trust him. He is afraid that she will either leave him or end up causing him to go further into debt.

Either one of those is not going to be a good thing.

Jorge said before that he makes money being a medical marijuana entrepreneur. It is unclear if this is what he is still doing or why he doesn't have the money that he used to have, but either way, Anfisa is not happy about it, and it is obvious that she expects him to take care of her.

Anfisa doesn't work and she may not be willing to change that at all either. This is going to be something hard for them to get through.

Are you shocked to hear that Jorge isn't a millionaire? Do you think that Anfisa will leave him now? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" on Sunday nights on TLC. You will get to see updates on several of the couples from past seasons of the show.