"90 Day Fiance" Paola Mayfield hasn't quite mastered the idea of putting her husband before herself and her friends, but that hasn't stopped her from pointing fingers at her fellow immigrant bride, Anfisa Arkhipchenko. Fans are tuning in and keeping up with the journey of these two controversial wives on the TLC show "90 Day Fiance' Happily Ever After."

Both of the brides made a lot of sacrifices to be with the man they love. They each traveled to the US on a K-1 Fiance' Visa and had only 90 days to get married or return to their country. While Paola married Russ in Oklahoma, she quickly decided that she would be happier in a Spanish cultural environment, such as Miami.

Leaving Russ behind to take care of the adult things, she headed to Florida saying she wanted to pursue a career in modeling. On '90 Day Fiance'", however, she puts a lot of time and energy into enjoying the nightlife with her best friend, Juan. When Russ joins his wife, he quickly learns that she will allow her friend to disrespect him and make fun of him, never defending the man she has taken vows with.

Anfisa has always told Jorge she is in it for the money

As for Anfisa, she is the Russian bride that has always said that she is out for the money. Jorge made promises of a millionaire lifestyle, and she was on the plane. Once here, the couple learned they make each other miserable, so it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

They continued the terrible tumultuous relationship and married within the required time frame. Of course, all that was accomplished is Anfisa got a green card and now worries about the debt she may have to take on as a result of Jorge lying about his net worth. Recently fans of "90 Day Fiance'" have seen Anfisa's anger escalate to the point of her striking Jorge twice.

To the outrage of viewers, TLC did not step in when this occurred.

Russ gets an apology but is his bride throwing shade at co-star?

With both brides in hot water with fans of "90 Day Fiance," "In Touch Weekly" reports that Paola took to Instagram to apologize to her husband for not standing up to Juan when she should have.In the article from "In Touch Weekly," Paolo adds that she would never "strike" Russ.

Ok, so the apology was good, but the snarky remark at the end is being taken as a jab at Anfisa. While Anfisa should be called out for her unacceptable physical outbursts, Paola may not be the best one to do it. Throwing stones, glass houses - you know the saying.

Time will tell if Anfisa decides to apologize to Jorge, strike back at Paola, or just let it go and focus on her alleged newfound career on a stripper pole, as was previously reported by "Blasting News." Tell us what you think of these blushing brides in the comments section below.