The Savage family held a press conference on Monday in order to raise awareness for their daughter Jocelyn Savage. Jocelyn is with 50-year-old singer R. Kelly and her parents believe that she is his hostage. Their daughter released two videos stating that she is not a hostage to Kelly. However, her parents believe that she has been brain washed and is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Family holds press conference

Jocelyn Savage's parents have held a press conference stating that their 21-year-old daughter is trapped in a cult and needs to get out.

In the press conference, which took place on Monday, July 17, the family claimed that R. Kelly had created a sex cult for young girls and is holding them hostage. Savage's father, Timothy, believes his daughter is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and claims this is why she has not returned home to them.

Timothy then released a video he directed at singer R. Kelly in which he stated that he was going to pursue the singer legally. He stated that once he did all of Kelly's dirty laundry would be revealed to the world. He stated at the press conference the day before that the family had evidence for their claims and that they were going to get their daughter back home to them.

The singer has denied that claims that The Savage family are making.

He is deeply shocked by the picture they have painted of him and the damage they have caused for his celebrity image. His attorney made a statement saying that Kelly will work hard to prove that the accusations made about him are fake. Linda Mensch has stated that Kelly is determined to clear his name.

Jocelyn Savage has released two videos addressing the issue

Savage has released two videos and in which she claims that she is not a hostage. The first video was released in response to her parent's initial claims that she was being held as a hostage. Jocelyn stated that she was happy and safe. She said that she was under no threat from 50-year-old R.

Kelly and that she was exactly where she wanted to be. She explained that she has received communication from her parents but has chosen to ignore their texts.

She released a second video after the press conference on Monday. In the second video, she told her parents that they had gone too far in the claims that they had made. She stated that what they were accusing R. Kelly of was false and that they should be ashamed of themselves for making up such claims about the singer. Jocelyn has also stated that her parents know exactly what has been happening since she met R. Kelly and that they are in the wrong.

The case has taken a strange twist as a number of women have stepped forward and stated that they were held in a house by R. Kelly. In 2008 the singer was acquitted on 14 charges of child pornography after a video was released of him having sex with an underage girl.