New updates keep coming to the "Pokemon GO" app. A few hours ago, Niantic just confirmed that it has provided a new update to the developers of "Pokemon GO" about how they handle the different parts of the game of augmented reality. According to new information provided by Mieke Hutchins, a new update has been prepared to be released in the coming hours. This new change made in the game is focused on how the charge screens of "Pokemon Go" have been mounted. However, this is not what

This new change made in the game is focused on how the charge screens of "Pokemon Go" have been mounted.

However, this is not what players are waiting for, they are waiting for something bigger. The game’s artist, Mieke Hutchins, explaining: “When designing a loading screen, the team starts by discussing what the most appropriate Pokémon to feature is based on surrounding events and the latest product release”.

The next event coming to the game

One of the most talked themes in recent months has been the introduction of the Legendary Pokemon and its Release Date. However, during the last hours, the vast majority of players has been waiting for the arrival of a new event to be launched by Niantic. As usual, the company usually launches a new "Pokemon GO" event, specifically on Thursdays or Fridays each week.

However, this week has not happened the same way. Apparently, Niantic has left the launch of its next event for the next week. In social networks, there are rumors that emerge as the next movement in the game.

According to rumors "Pokemon GO" players will be receiving a new event, however, it does not refer to whether it will be related to the Legendary Pokemon.

The company has not confirmed anything, at least so far, but anything can happen, since the odds of a new event coming this coming week could be in the game developers' plans.

A Fire-Type event could arrive next week

In addition, a fire-type event could be the next event in the way for the popular mobile game. The next weeks should be jam-packed with events, filled with rare Pokemon spawns and other incentives to keep “Pokemon GO” players interested and playing the augmented reality game every day.

It is likely that Niantic would come with these fiery Pokemon in the next days. It is worth to note that this fire-type event could also bring Pokemon like Vulpix, Houndour, and Magmar that don't usually spawn in many biomes. Niantic could also organize some sort of "local" event, so players should be alert.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.