The "baywatch" pair, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario, has been facing rumors that they are secretly dating each other. To recall, Vanessa Hudgens, Efron's former girlfriend, has already moved on with her current beau, Austin Butler. In return, new reports claim that the "Baywatch" actor has finally shifted his attention to a new girl. With all these rumors coming around, Efron and Daddario are yet to comment whether the rumors of their off-screen romance is true.

'Baywatch' stars enjoy cruise at Sydney harbor

Recently, Daddario seems to fuel up the rumors when she posted a photo of her with Efron planting a kiss on her cheek.

Moreover, the actress star added a caption details saying, "@mtv movie and tv awards backstage shenanigans with @zacefron #SummerandBrody #Baywatch."

On the other hand, the 29-year old actor also addressed the issues about him and the actress. He revealed that nothing romantic is happening between the two of them. In addition, he added that they are just good friends. Further, Daddario also revealed that somehow she understands why most of their fans are linking her to the "Baywatch" actor. Somehow, it made sense for her since they are the love interest in the movie.

Further, despite their claims that nothing romantic is in between them, the stars even ignited the speculations when they were spotted in Sydney harbor enjoying the cruise together.

The actress has shared a photo on her Instagram stories and it looks as if both of them are enjoying the sunset boat ride.

Daddario talks about her relationship status

While the brunette actress prepares for the premiere of "Baywatch" on May 25, most of their fans are still wondering what could be happening between her and Efron.

Most of the speculations have been fueled up through their flirty photos and their closeness while doing the show together.

Nonetheless, Daddario has revealed in her latest interview that there is nothing between her and the 29-year old actor. Further, she added that it is only pure business. Meanwhile, she has also shared a little about her relationship status and she revealed that there is nothing more that excites her a lot but her work.

Further, the 31-year old actress revealed that she is just currently enjoying her break to be part of the film.

Further, the actress also spilled off some details with the latest "Baywatch" film. She shared that they have added more things for women to look into and apparently, she feels like they have made a really funny movie.