One story that has received a heavy amount of press coverage over the last week has involved comedian Kathy Griffin and her photo-shoot that depicted Donald Trump with a decapitated head. Griffin faced instant backlash, but not everyone was quick to oppose her.

Baldwin on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Trump's rhetoric was met by an onslaught of criticism that has continued to present day, including from some high-profiled names out in Hollywood.

When Trump surprised many by winning the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention last summer, it was only a matter of time before he was mocked and trolled on a routine basis on "Saturday Night Live." Veteran actor Alec Baldwin was tapped to play the role, resulting in multiple Twitter tirades from Trump who wasn't pleased with the late-night skits. In addition to the mockery from "SNL," other comedians have spoken out against the former host of "The Apprentice," including Kathy Griffin. Earlier this week, however, Griffin came under fire for posting the aforementioned beheading image of the president. CNN fired Griffin from hosting their New Year's Eve show, with various comedy specials canceling her planned appearances.

As seen on his Twitter account on June 3, Baldwin came to Griffin's defense.

Taking to both of his Twitter accounts over the weekend, Alec Baldwin did not hold back his thoughts in regards to the Kathy Griffin backlash.

In his first round of social media posts, Baldwin tweeted a message to the comedian, saying, "'ve been there." Baldwin went on to encourage Griffin to say "f*ck them," and not hold back with her brand of honor.

On Saturday, Alec Baldwin returned to social media, this time tweeting from his official Alec Baldwin Foundation page.

"Do you honestly believe that a stand up comedienne who has alternately entertained and offended audiences for decades, woke up one day and decided to kill the President or anyone for that matter?" Baldwin wrote. "This demonizing of Kathy Griffin is another ridiculous distraction" Baldwin went on to note.

Double down

"If some performer dressed as Trump had Hillary or Obama's severed head in their act, Hannity would ask them to cohost," Alec Baldwin tweeted while pointing out the alleged hypocrisy of the right-wing media. "No one wishes Trump any physical harm.

We want him healthy and fully alert. For his impeachment," he concluded.

Moving forward

While Alec Baldwin and others continue their attack on Donald Trump and the White House, it doesn't appear as if the president and his supporters will be willing to back down anytime soon. With an approval rating that has dropped below 40 percent, the billionaire real estate mogul is backed into a corner when it comes to his standing with the American people.