Austin Jones, the Chicago YouTube singer, has been arrested following his two counts charges of child pornography. In a recent report from Hollywood Reporter, the singer has instructed his young female fans to send a sexually explicit video. Austin, who has been followed by hundreds of followers on YouTube, now faces these charges after he appeared in Chicago Federal Court on Tuesday.

Austin, 24, was seen wearing his orange jail clothes along with an ankle chain. Amid his arrest, the young singer revealed that he clearly understood the charges he is facing. He further added that child pornography would require him to carry at least fifteen years of imprisonment.

Jones' music videos

Jones has become popular through his sensational YouTube videos which gained thousands of his followers online. Aside from uploading covers of Justin Bieber's single, Jones, on the other hand, has also been known for his own and original music. It was on Monday when he was arrested, and accordingly, the prosecutors won't allow him to escape from these charges.

The young singer failed to have his lawyer on Tuesday; however, it is said that he will have his appeal later on Wednesday. During his first court appearance, he was ordered to stay under the federal court custody until his bond hearing happens. Furthermore, it will be found out on Wednesday on what will be final charges that the court will drop on him.

Criminal complaint

A complaint was filed by a person named Joel Levin, in the United States Attorney of Illinois. It has been learned that Jones has been chatting with these girls first on Facebook and later enticed them to send him sexually explicit videos. The criminal complaint revealed that one of the girls had introduced herself as one of Jones' fans.

Jones, on the other hand, allegedly told these girls to prove themselves as fans by producing a sexually exposed video and that is to be sent to him. Apparently, the complaint revealed that these girls sent Jones 15 videos in which 10 of those clearly exposed their bodies. The two girls, who are victims of pornography, are said to be 14-year old of age.

Meanwhile, Jones, who currently lives in Bloomingdale, Illinois, was supposedly on an international tour as he promotes his music and videos. However, right then, the young singer was arrested due to these charges. In one of the police affidavits, the singer admitted that he did all these allegations which were stated in the criminal complaint.

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