Kylie Jenner, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star, just showed off her bigger lips in the social media world. Many stars speculating that she has just got her lips injected for it looked sexier and bigger this time. On Monday, Jenner took a photo of her lips to SnapChat as she shared series of her selfies and videos. Her fans couldn't help but noticed much bigger lips than she had before.

There was once a speculation that she got her lips done. Apparently, it was answered during the episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" that was aired in May 2015. However, it seems that the beautiful star is getting obsessed with her lips lately.

Did she get more injections for it?

New lip kit

With the bigger lips shown by Jenner, it is also known that Jenner is currently promoting her new lip line. She also had some summer makeup kits which she introduced in SnapChat. Basically, this appears to be her newest color of lipstick that has been added to her cosmetic line.

Jenner is known to be consistently using over lining to her lips like lip liners. However, these recent days, her lips just appeared much bigger than the usual size that she had. It was three years ago when she admitted having her lip fillers; yet, it feels like she had just injected her lips a couple of months ago. On the other hand, some fans speculate that it might also appear a little bigger because of her dark makeup.

Lip insecurity

In one of her previous interviews, Jenner admitted that she felt a little insecure of her lips. Hence, it led her to decide to undergo some lip fillers. Further, Jenner was also open about doing what she likes to do with her lips. Hence, her bigger lips today no longer comes much of a surprise.

Also, Jenner might just want to look more beautiful as she wanted her boyfriend to be obsessed with her.

It has been known that the young star has been in a rumored relationship with Travis Scott following her relationship with the rapper, Tyga.

In one of the recent trailer of her show, "Life with Kylie," Jenner admitted that she hopes her current beau will get obsessed with her. She added that she just wanted to live the kind of life she has right now and she doesn't want to look back and regret the things she didn't do being a teenager.

Hence, it is another way of saying that Jenner will do everything she can to look and feel beautiful. Whether or not she added more injections onto her lips, it is still good to know that the "KUWTK" star is getting prettier and sexier every single day.

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