The "Love and Hate Collide" singer, Taylor Swift, has been out of the spotlight for a couple of months. Nevertheless, she has been spotted a lot of times happily dating her rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Apparently, it seems that she has been falling very hard for him. It is known that the young singer has rented an apartment in London while still looking for a more prominent place to stay.

According to a recent report from Hollywood Life, Swift is falling in love deeply with Alwyn, and she is now thinking of buying a new home in the Chelsea area.

She has been viewing properties lately, and some of them are just a stone throw away from where Pippa Middleton resides.

Getting to know each other

Swift and Alwyn have been hanging out together away from the spotlight. Possibly it is safe to say that they have no plans as yet to take their Relationship into the public eye. Meanwhile, a source from Hollywood Life revealed that Swift has been enjoying a lot of time getting to know Alwyn better. Both of them have enjoyed their time together without pressure and speculation from all her fans.

Apparently, Alwyn doesn't want to be labeled as "Swift's boyfriend." He has been hard at work on his career, and he wants to be known for his own success. To recall, Swift previously dated popular men like Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

Unfortunately, none of those went well for her, which is possibly why this time around she wants to keep her current relationship quiet.

Falling hard for Alwyn

Just like other couples, Swift and Alwyn both have an ordinary relationship. Both of them stay in and watch movies together; they cook for each other, and they go out for a date now and then.

Swift seems to be falling hard for her rumored boyfriend; even though neither of them has made any confirmation yet of their relationship status. Alwyn doesn't want to use the brunette singer for publicity purposes, so possibly they'll be keeping their relationship private for a long time as they can.

To recall, Swift met Alwyn back in October 2016.

Since then, the pair has reportedly been dating for a couple of months. However, it was only last month when few of their relationship details started to leak. For more than three months, Swift and Alwyn have been inseparable. They traveled to Europe and Australia together and even went to Rhode Island. Hopefully, Alwyn will be the best guy that Swift will ever have. On the other hand, fans still fear the fact that Swift has a tendency of fall too hard and too fast.