InfoWars founder and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims that he had slept with over 150 women by the age of 16, and argued that "there's something wrong with you" if you haven't fathered a child as a teenager.

Even more surprising is the fact that Alex Jones made this bold claim in the middle of a high-profile custody battle over his children.

While a judge in Austin, Texas, mulls over whether the talk show host or his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, should have custody of the three children, Alex Jones' weekend show was devoted largely to the conspiracy king's sexual conquests as a teenager.

"I hate to brag, but I’m not bragging, it’s actually shameful – probably 150 women," said Jones of his wild teenage years. "Or more, that’s conservative."

He then sang the praises of being a teen parent, declaring that, in every other culture, a person is expected to have children by the age of sixteen. "[If] you're not having them at sixteen, there's something wrong with you."

The Infowars founder also claims to have engaged in fistfights with full-grown men as a teenager, and was already dating girls in college by the age of 15.

Yet he can't remember who he slept with last year

Surprisingly, while Alex Jones appears to have vivid recollections of his rambunctious youth, his mind drew a blank last week during a custody hearing when he was asked by his ex-wife's attorney if he had ever cheated on his current fiancee.

Jones had previously admitted in an affidavit that was involved in a sexual relationship with another woman up until March of 2016. He responded to attorney Bobby Newman's questions by stating that he'd have to "see a calendar" before he could figure out whether or not he was sleeping with his fiancee and another woman at the same time.

Kelly Jones claimed in court that her ex-husband is too "unstable" to have custody of their three children, and her lawyer attempted to sway the judge by playing video footage of a shirtless-- and allegedly drunk-- Alex Jones ranting and raving into a camera. His attorney, however, claims that his client is merely an entertainer and that his outlandish behavior is "performance art".

Alex Jones' attorneys will be working plenty of overtime this month

On Monday, Daily Mail reported that Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani is suing Alex Jones for publishing false information about the company. The suit was filed after InfoWars released a video on April 11 alleging that Chobani owner Hamdi Ulukaya hired "migrant rapists" to work at its facility in Twin Falls, thereby bringing "crime and tuberculosis" to the Idaho city.

Jones has refused to comply with a request from Chobani's legal department to take down the InfoWars video, titled, "Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Importing Migrant Rapists."