The new "Wonder Woman" film recently opened in theaters everywhere. It actually took 75 years for her to get her very own live-action movie.

Heroine has been around for 75 years

Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Diana Prince) has been around through comic books since she was first introduced in 1941. The heroine landed her own solo comics series as the first female character to do so not long after that. Fast forward 34 years and she got her own TV show. Of course, the next intelligent move would be to conquer the big screen, right? Well, that opportunity did not come until many more years later.

So how did the story of the Amazonian princess begin? Here's a few milestones in her history as a character.

  • The character was an original by William Moulton Marston, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and artist H.G. Peter.
  • Her first comic book appearance was in "All Star Comics" No. 8.
  • After she was introduced, she was on every cover during her "Sensation Comics" stint.
  • She became the very first female superhero to have her own solo comic book magazine in 1942.
  • The first live-action Wonder Woman was not supposed to be Lynda Carter. A TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby, sadly, did not materialize.
  • Lynda Carter had her starring role as the lead heroine in “The New Original Wonder Woman.”

Director Patty Jenkins speaks about 2017 movie

Meanwhile, with many fans abuzz with the 2017 live-action movie, the director and cast have spoken about the #Gal Gadot film.

Director Patty Jenkins said, "I think it's my love of the character, and the original thing about that character that's made her last for 75 years, which was that she was the idealized version of being a female hero, who didn't lose anything about being a woman from the strength that she gained." To me, who doesn't aspire to be more powerful, to be more capable in the world, but also to remain beautiful and kind and loving and thoughtful and brave, and all of those things?" she added.

(LA Times).

Aside from Gadot, the cast includes Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, and Elena Anaya, among others. Movies to watch out for in the DC extended universe include "Justice League," "Aquaman," Shazam," Justice League 2," "Cyborg," and "Green Lantern Corps." Other upcoming movies like "The Flash," "The Batman," "Dark Universe," and "Man of Steel 2" currently have no release dates as of yet.

Have you watched the new "Wonder Woman" movie yet? Catch it now in a theater near you.