Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome love each other despite all the drama that has come their way. Loved ones continue to try to keep the couple apart but so far have been unsuccessful. This couple have a connection that neither want to break.

Outside interference keeps Alexis unbalanced

Alexis has two daughters (Molly and Kristina) who hate their stepdad. Her third daughter Sam is Julian's biological child and she dislikes him as well. They are constantly telling their mother that she needs to move on and leave Mr. Jerome behind. Diane Miller is a fellow lawyer and good friend to Ms.

Davis. On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" Ms. Miller practically shouted at her BFF that she should not get back together with her husband.

Everywhere she turns Alexis faces people who believe they know better than she does regarding her marriage. Not one person has ever said to Ms. Davis that she should follow her heart. Sonny Corinthos who is a mobster just like Julian is always telling Alexis to get rid of her spouse. Although Alexis was once the District Attorney her family and friends treat her as if she cannot make her own choices. The outside interference keeps Ms. Davis unstable and unbalanced when it comes to the love of her life.

The connection that is unbreakable

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Alexis goes to the burn ward where Ava Jerome is a patient.

She lets her husband know that she is there for him and not his sister. Later Julian takes flowers to his spouse's home and they have a heart to heart talk. Alexis expressed her concern that Julian will retaliate against Sonny because he and Carly going to confront Ava is why she threw a lantern and set the warehouse on fire.

Julian's response stuns his wife.

He tells her that he is tired of all the violence and has no desire for revenge. Julian says he understands that Sonny and Carly cornered Ava in the warehouse because she replaced Morgan's Lithium with a placebo which ultimately led to Morgan's death. Alexis is clearly pleased with this answer but she will not let Julian get close to her.

She takes the flowers and goes into her house, leaving her husband on the porch.

The constant interference from family and friends has clearly taken a toll on Ms. Davis. She loves her husband and this was made evident when Julian returned from the dead and Alexis went to his hotel room -- where the two made love. She also loves her daughters and does not want to alienate them. Molly, Christina, Sam, Diane and Sonny all need to leave Alexis and Julian alone to figure out their relationship on their own.