After seven seasons on Freeform (previously ABC Family) "Pretty Little Liars" is coming to an end. That doesn't mean fans of the popular drama have to give up their favorite characters, though, and many are hoping for at least one spinoff to get the green light.

While many fans are hoping for a "PLL" spinoff, others are cautious about any upcoming Freeform shows centered around the characters from Rosewood. After all, Freeform tried it before and their previous "PLL" related offering "Ravenswood" was an epic disaster.

What does creator I. Marlene King say?

I. Marlene King was on hand at the ATX Festival screening of "Famous In Love" where she talked about the end of "Pretty Little Liars" and the possibility of keeping her characters alive through a spinoff. According to Deadline, King offered up a few morsels for "PLL" fans including the spoiler that there will be not one but two more weddings before the show signs off for good.

During the screening at the ATX Festival, King took the stage alongside co-executive producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan, costume designer Cameron Dale, and Freeform’s VP of Current Programming Jennifer Gerstenblatt to field questions from the audience. One of the most common questions was about the possibility of a spinoff with many wondering what the network and the creator planned to do.

When it comes to a "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff, I. Marlene King says that there very well could be something in the future. One audience member even suggested that they do something with the character of Mona (Janel Parrish.) It sounds like that suggestion might be something they are already mulling because King responded saying that the idea would be "interesting."

'Famous In Love' takes center stage

While many fans are worried about their favorite "Pretty Little Liars" characters and what might happen to them in the future, it looks like Freeform and I.

Marlene King are more focused on their current project, "Famous In Love." Starring Bella Thorne, the new Freeform series follows the life of a normal girl whose world changes drastically after she auditions for a huge movie role.

"Famous In Love" premiered on Freeform on April 18 with the season also being made available at that time for binge watching.

Despite the warm reception for "Famous In Love," so far there have been no announcements about whether or not Freeform plans to give the show a second season.

With so much up in the air right now at Freeform regarding whether or not a "PLL" spinoff will be made (or how many will be made for that matter) on top of whether the network plans to renew "Famous In Love," I. Marlene King certainly has a lot on her plate. Fans are hoping she'll find the perfect way to continue the "Pretty Little Liars" universe by offering up a new series based on at least one of the characters.