As season 12 revolved around the relationship of the boys and Mary Winchester, season 13 wants to step up its game as well. This season finale left us with the breath-taking cliffhanger of Mary Winchester being stuck in another realm with none other than Lucifer; and the writers, as always found a way to make things even more interesting. Turns out John Winchester is not out of the game after all.

Negan in 'The Walking Dead'

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been really rattling up some chains as Negan in "The Walking Dead," and now he is about to rattle up some more. Negan, although a villain with some truly horrible and unimaginable deeds, has become a fan favorite (somewhat of a guilty pleasure to watch) among the fandom.

He is even being compared to the hero of the show, Rick, against some controversial points of comparison. In these kinds of shows, the things they are doing for the "greater good" and to survive are becoming grayer and grayer. Although both consciences are most certainly not clear anymore, the way they operate is very different. The things Rick does are based on more noble motives and philosophies; thus, one of them is considered to be the bad guy, and the other, a hero to look up to. Nevertheless "The Walking Dead's Negan will be experiencing a very drastic character alteration soon.

An expected reunion

The executive producer of "Supernatural," Andrew Dabb, has told to TVLine that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new role as one of the most villainous characters to ever set foot in fictional reality, does not exclude his potential return as the father of Sam and Dean Winchester.

He has full certainty on that character coming back for this upcoming season, despite playing such a malicious character over the previous years. According to him, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an amazing actor and can go back to playing a noble character with ease (one that the public can emphasize with).

Although John Winchester himself is not eligible for the "Father of the Year" award, he still cared very deeply for his children, Sam and Dean.

In the season 2 premiere John sacrificed himself for Dean within a heartbeat, so although he is battling some inner dark demons, he loved his children to death (quite literally to death). It is being speculated that the father will return in order to continue the search for Mary in England, along with the boys.

John Winchester has been a controversial father figure and is both adored and hated by the fandom.

It cannot be denied that him coming back is an intriguing plot twist.

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