Former UFC fighter, War Machine has been sentenced to life imprisonment after beating ex-lover, Christy Mack and her boyfriend, Corey Thomas. War Machine, Kon Koppenhaver in real life will serve more than three decades in prison with a possibility of parole after 36 years.

According to CBS Sports, the former fighter will be entitled to parole in 2053. Machine was under a contract with Bellator at the time of the crime but was immediately released after the news spread. Machine is now 35-years-old and will be 71 years old when he will qualify for release.

War Machine found guilty after days of deliberation

Last March, War Machine was convicted after a couple of days of trial and deliberation. He was proven to be guilty of 29 charges including sex assault, physical coercion and kidnapping. In addition, Machine is guilty of trespassing, theft and illegal possession of deadly weapon. Judge Elissa Caddish of Clark County District refused to accept Machine's attorneys' defenses of not being aware while committing the crime.

According to Mirror, Machine was suffering from anxiety and depression during that time which led him to commit the assault. Although the judge showed sympathy to Machine over the traumatic experience, the ex-fighter and his attorney presented during the hearing, Cadish insisted that a punishment should be imposed to set an example.

According to her, a substantial amount of time should be imposed, not only for punishment but to avoid danger to society as well.

Ex-lover, Christine Mackinday gave a heart-breaking testimony of how the former fighter abused her while they were in a relationship. She said that her relationship with Machine started out passionate and happy but became abusive after months of being together.

Some of the beatings even happened in the house owned by her mother, Erin Mackinday. According to her, she suffered trauma and cries every time she remembers the beatings she suffered.

According to MMA News Crime, three days before the verdict, Machine's defense attorney, Jay Leiderman pleaded guilty to lesser domestic charges and attempted to reduce the punishment.

In the end, Machine was turned down on two deals, one was 16 years imprisonment and one was 18 years imprisonment.

Machine claimed he found peace through religion

After refusing to take the stand during trial, Machine expressed that he accepted the outcome and decision of the jury. According to him, he found peace through religion and seriously regretted what he did to the woman he once loved and her boyfriend. Machine said despite what happened, it made him become a better man.

One week after conviction, Machine posted a long apology in a social media. He said in his letter that he wants to meet Mack personally and ask for forgiveness. He wanted to tell her how he found God in his life and how he became a changed man.