Starz’s famous drama series Outlander” season 3 drew 1.49 million avid viewers in Live+SD for its premiere episode on Sunday night, September 10. Over the three airings of the network on Sunday night, the first episode had reportedly drew 2.09 million viewers, which is considered as the most-watched episode surpassing the series’ “The Wedding” episode with 2.04 million views.

What is the most striking moment in the premiere?

Aside from the fact that the fans of the show are excited, the story of the series’ premiere episode has been attributed to be one of the reasons of the high viewership ratings.

The "Outlander" season 3 premiere consists of many tear-jerking scenes but one specific scene made it more heartbreaking and that loss had permeated the entire episode.

The third season started with a scene of the bloody aftermath of Culloden, with dead bodies piled high on the battlefield. Episode writer and showrunner Ron Moore already established the staggering cost of the war.

Aside from this, another scene which shows a group of English soldiers discovered few Scottish survivors in a barn. Watching two young boys being killed like lambs to slaughter was devastating. Moreover, fans had to bid goodbye to one of the men who has been with “Outlander” since first episode: Rupert MacKenzie (portrayed by Grant O’Rourke).

"It'll be good to see him again," Rupert said, after he revealed to Jamie that he always took the blame for Angus' snoring. "It'll be good to see the two of you together," Jamie then replied.

Rupert then volunteered to be in front of the firing squad. Though it is obviously hard to watch Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) grieving for each other throughout the first episode of the season three, the executions of the Highlanders were reportedly to be particularly resonant to the fans.

What to expect

In an interview with Telegraph UK, Caitriona Balfe shared what fans can expect about her character and the whole story of “Outlander” season 3.

The 37-year-old Irish actress start off by sharing that fans will get to see Claire spends time with her husband and daughter in Boston for the next episodes.

When asked about the genre of the drama, Balfe said that it is a good thing for surprising fans.

She added that the show is originally a period drama more than anything else but the sci-fi element makes it possible for them to defy expectations.

In addition, Balfe also commented about the comparison of “Game of Thrones” and “Outlander.”

The Irish actress said that “Game of Thrones” is a fantastic show, which is considered as one of the most successful show right now and she considers it a compliment, when “Outlander” is being compared to the HBO, hit series.