"Twin Peaks" fans, rejoice! Here are more updates about one of your favorite "Mean Girls" alums and the show's new character, Amanda Seyfried. Get to know about the role she is playing in the TV series revival, but be warned: spoilers for "twin peaks" Season 3 Episode 5 are up ahead.

Amanda Seyfried makes debut on 'Twin Peaks'

Amanda Seyfried made her debut in "Twin Peaks," playing the role of Shelly's daughter, Becky. Here, Becky's character seems to be a little bit of a troublemaker, as she was seen to be offered by her boyfriend, Steven (Caleb Landry Jones), with some cocaine.

The show's most recent episode has answered many lingering questions in the minds of fans about some of the cast members' characters. For instance, Ernie Hudson as an army colonel and Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper as the guys in the casino who are not too keen on Cooper/Dougie.

The purpose of the shovels was also explained. Although, it was at the same time not want many viewers thought, as well as what many expected it to be.

Now that it has been revealed that the shovels are being sold at $29.99 in infomercials, Nadine and Jerry seemed to be very thrilled about the idea. Meanwhile, Cooper is still busy playing Dougie but showing little traces of his former personality.

Here, he finds out his strange relationship with coffee - he just craves and loves the stuff so much.

Also, he seems to respond to the word "agent" strangely, like there's something he should remember. Viewers are learning more tidbits about Dougie as well.

What else to expect from the upcoming 'Twin Peaks' episode?

Now, what else can fans look forward to? Many are hoping that Seyfried's character is Shelley's child with an old flame, Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook).

Although there are no hints about it just yet.

The duo is yet to be seen and while Becky's last name is Burnett - the one shared with Steven and is a possible indication that they are a married couple.

Being a drug-crazed pair, Becky and Steven are the exact opposite of how sweet and innocent Becky is to the outside. This is something seen uncannily identical to Laura Palmer's persona.

It can be recalled that Shelley told her friends, "I can see it on her face. There is something wrong." A declaration that seems to echo the primary concerns of the people surrounding Laura.

What's next for the cast? Are you excited for the next episode?

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