The much-awaited return of "twin peaks" was supposed to be a simultaneous TV event worldwide. U.S. cable network Showtime planned to air the show at the same time in select countries so that it is in sync with its Sunday, May 21 launch in America.

A network in Italy, however, released the first two episodes at 6 a.m. local Sunday time. Sky Italia posted the episodes on its streaming platform and then pulled it down six hours after. The network was originally tasked to release this at 3 a.m. local time Monday, according to Deadline.

Tightly-guarded script

"Twin Peaks" creator, executive producer and director David Lynch kept the returning season's script a tightly-guarded secret.

Spoilers about the show weren't available during the filming as everyone from the cast and crew were under strict orders not to disclose anything.

When Showtime had its "Twin Peaks" premiere in Los Angeles last Friday, the audience was also told to hold off on spoiling the show until after its Showtime debut. Sky Italia did not address the leaks, but fans had plenty to say about the show on Twitter when it finally launched as scheduled on American television.

Reaction to show's return

Viewers, most of them fans of the first two "Twin Peaks" seasons that aired 25 years ago, were thrilled to see the show back and noted its "strange and new direction." More than two decades after the mystery unfolded, David Lynch still delivered an engrossing mystery.

The show thrives on surprises, and there are plenty in the revival series. A review on Yahoo described one scene as the scariest thing on television. A review on IGN stated the show still ruled when it comes to delivering mind-boggling twists.

How the revival came together

Showtime announced it planned on bringing the series back from the dead last 2014.

It ordered an initial nine episodes, but as development progressed, Showtime ended up making an 18-episode order from David Lynch.

Most of the cast agreed to return for the "Twin Peaks" revival and filming began in September 2015. Production, however, met some delays as the network and Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost continued negotiations. In April 2016, Showtime announced the end of filming and post-production would soon follow.

"Twin Peaks" originally aired from 1990 to 1991 on ABC. It focused on the murder of a small-town girl named Laura Palmer, but the show eventually delved on the secrets of the local community and its residents. The show was a mix of crime drama, supernatural mystery with horror and thriller undertones.

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