Amy Roloff of "Little People, Big World" was considering the idea of a partnership with Beaverton Bakery, but now that the bakery has been shut down she may have to rethink her idea. Amy's good friend's bakery was actually shut down due to a rat infestation. This week fans saw Amy meet up with owner Carrie Ann Schubert and they talked all about doing an online bakery together. She was really excited about the venture, but something may have changed that now.

What ended up happening with Beaverton Bakery?

It turns ou that the health inspectors were at the Beaverton Bakery and they ended up finding something.

A report from Oregon Live said, “an active rodent infestation…in an upper storage area of the bakery and rodent activity (droppings, urine) was noted in all areas (cookie, back warehouse, main bakery processing, cake I, cake II, storage area above walk-in cooler, miscellaneous storage room upstairs).” It sounds like they were everywhere.

The bakery did end up closing down on May 2, but only four days later they were open once again. It sounds like they got everything cleaned up and were able to open up again, but not before the word got out about what went down. It was all explained that this happened because of weather. They had a flood and water got into the building, which they say is what brought in the rodents to the building. They are in an older building and shared that this made it where there are holes that made it easier for small animals like rodents to get into the building.

Will Amy Roloff change her mind and end working with them?

They recently shared all about how they were teaming up with Amy Roloff for a Mother's Day special. It sounds like this isn't going to change anything, and she won't let the rat infestation keep her from working with them. Future episodes of "Little People, Big World" should share a bit of what is going on, but remember that they were filmed a while back.

More than likely, they won't end up showing at all about the little problem they had with rats, though. They will just ignore that and move on from it.

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Roloff's friend's bakery was shut down due to a rat infestation? Do you think that Amy should end up doing a bakery with them anyway? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC.

So far, this is a great season and new babies are on the way, which is something you don't want to miss.

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