"Bachelor in Paradise" is in the midst of a major investigation surrounding a possible sexual assault after it was alleged that Corinne Olympios was too drunk to consent to have sexual relations with DeMario Jackson. The entire cast was sent home from Mexico on Sunday after word came out that a producer was upset about the incident that took place between Corinne and DeMario. Since then, several versions of the story have hit the media with different witness accounts. One source trusted by "Bachelor" fans is sharing what he knows about what happened.

Reality Steve is a reliable source who clearly has well-placed insiders giving him the dirt on almost anything related to the franchise.

What Reality Steve's sources say

Reality Steve shared on his blog on Tuesday what he knows about the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal. A lot of what he knows matches up with reports, while some of it settles a few of the unknowns. Steve admits he doesn't know every aspect of what went down in Mexico and no one probably ever will.

Corinne and DeMario hooked up at the pool on Sunday, which was the first day of taping. Apparently, a lot of people saw what happened and neither one of the contestants cared that they were being watched. In fact, they wanted to keep the attention on them.

DeMario had a whistle around his neck he'd blow on and Corinne was laughing the whole time.

No sex happened, but every other imaginable act was going on between the two. Steve adds that both were at the same level of intoxication. Corinne was instigating everything, and had even made out with four other contestants before DeMario; those guys were Nick, Alex, Iggy, and Derek.

She was the one who came on to them, much in the same way she did with Nick Viall on his season of "The Bachelor."

Reality Steve's sources who knew what unfolded on the "Bachelor in Paradise" filming said Corinne was hammered, but was never "blackout drunk." His sources continue that it's untrue Corinne had no idea what was happening because she remarked about how upset her boyfriend back home would be over the hookups.

Corinne and DeMario talked about their encounter in the personal interviews while filming the show. It was going to be a storyline in the show until a producer's legal action made everything come to a screeching halt. Had that not occurred, the show would still be filming.

The producer who filed the complaint is Shelby Adams, said to be a close friend of Corinne’s -- she was also her producer on Nick's season. Those who were present during the encounter with Corinne and DeMario are shocked that things have resulted in the shutdown of "Bachelor in Paradise." Others believe the two would have become a couple even if Corinne already has a man.

"BiP" canceled for good?

There's been no formal announcement that "Bachelor in Paradise" has been canceled for good, but all signs point to that being likely. If the franchise launches another spin-off, it'll have a different title or they may renew "Bachelor Pad," according to Reality Steve.