On today's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Nikki attempted to lay down the law to Victor. Mrs. Newman has been taking charge since she found out that her spouse was unwittingly responsible for the death of his son (her step-son) Adam Newman. Yesterday she told him he was no longer welcome in her bed. Today she attempted to pound a few more nails in his coffin.

Nikki thinks she is winning

Nikki told Victor that he should not attend the birthday celebration for his grandson Reed. He responded by saying that no one will keep him from his grandchildren.

Nikki read him the riot act, emphasizing that he is no longer a member of the family, except to keep up appearances in public. Victoria feels bad that she is lying to Billy by not telling him what is going on. Nick is not as troubled about keeping the truth from Chelsea. Nikki is confident that her children will keep the sins of their father under wraps. Nikki should realize however, that she only has a small victory in this one battle. Past experience should have taught her that Victor Newman always wins the war.

Victor pushes back

Frustrated at his current situation, Victor goes to the stables and begins hitting his punching bag. Nicholas follows and begins berating his father. Victor says that Nick has gone too far, and is being disrespectful.

Nick replies that his father does not deserve respect. The Newman patriarch has taken just about all he can from his family. He repeats to his son the same thing he told his wife. Victor pushes back by telling Nick that his granddaughter Faith is living with him, and Nicholas will not ruin the relationship.

Nick begins shouting that Faith is his daughter, to which his father points out that the little girl made a choice to live with him instead of either of her parents.

The two men stare each other down, both clearly on the edge and ready to explode. The tension builds and Victor baits his son by telling him several times, "Hit me." Victor continues his challenge, getting under his son's skin. Nick reaches his breaking point and punches his father, knocking him down. Just as he does, his daughter Faith shows up and asks why her father hit her granddad.

Newman clan missing the big picture

Nick, like his mother should know that when Victor is backed into a corner, he comes out swinging. Right now, however, no one can see the forest for the trees. The Newman clan is missing the big picture. They need to look past their anger, hurt and pain, and remember the past. Victor Newman has not once been kept down. Thus far, he always claws his way back to the top. There really is no reason for the family or "Y&R" fans to believe that this time will be any different.