On Wednesday 'The Young and the Restless" confirmed what viewers and spoiler alerts knew all along. Victor was responsible for helping Chloe fake her death. After all the mourners leave the church Kevin stays a few moments longer. He see's the lid to his wife's casket rising and faints. When he comes too he realizes his deceased wife is alive and well and has a story to tell.

Victor did it again

Victor Newman does not want anyone outside his immediate family to know that he had Chloe released far too soon from a mental health facility. And it was at this time that she murdered his son Adam.

Chelsea Adam's widow was getting close to finding gout the truth so Victor came up with an elaborate plan. He was hiding Chloe at the home of a doctor who was supposed to keep her under lock and key.

Victor's son Nicholas had the doctor leave home under false pretenses so Chelsea could talk to Chloe. When Chelsea went to the house she found Chloe unresponsive on the floor. Chelsea was devastated because she believed she pushed Chloe to take her own life. She and Nick had no idea that Victor was one step ahead of them all along.They felt so bad that Chloe died that they took a chance and went to attend Chloe's funeral, Unfortunately, Kevin kicked Chelsea and Nick out.

Kevin's plan

When Kevin realizes Chloe is really alive she gives him a slip of paper with an address on it and tells him to meet her there.

Kevin is clearly stunned as he leaves the church. Chloe climbs back in her casket and two men begin to wheel her out of the sanctuary. Before they get to the door, the doctor Victor paid to help Chloe shows up and tells them he will take it from this point. Chloe tells him that the drug she was given allowed her to hear everything that was going on even though she could not move.

Chloe tells him that the drug she was given allowed her to hear everything that was going on even though she could not move. He replies that everything is going as Mr. Newman planned. This is the confirmation fans were waiting for. Viewers wanted proof that Victor was behind it all and indeed he is. With Victor's money backing her, Chloe can do most anything and go most anywhere.

The family is gathered at Lauren and Michael's wondering what is taking Kevin so long. When he shows up he up.announces he is going to Tahiti but leaving Bella behind.for now. Whatever took place when Kevin met with Chloe must have taken place off screen. Viewers can only assume that she is accompanying her spouse on his trip.