Who would have ever dreamed that there was an actual honest-to-goodness Presley family connection to the today's "IT family the Kardashians! The connections between Elvis Presley and the Kardashian fam date back according to an Inside Edition report, as far as 1967 May 1st, 1967 to be exact.

New Presley secrets revealed.

Now all die-hard elvis presley family fans all know what key significance that day holds. It was Elvis and Priscilla's wedding day. The couple was married at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis was 32-years old and Cilla, a respectful 21-years of age.Now we just have to know how in the world this went down according to a May 2017 Inside Edition report.

This is weird and may answer a lot of questions?

As all fans are well aware, but we will refresh for some of the newer ones. Elvis and Priscilla's marriage ceremony last just 8-minutes. Everything about the entire event was kept under complete secrecy.It has been 50-years since the famous couple exchanged vows, and wow, just so much has unfolded throughout the decades.

Over 50-years after Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding day, Priscilla’s Matron Of Honor came forward with some fascinating insights about the iconic nuptials between The King of Rock and Roll and the brunette bombshell.

The biggest secret to come out has to be the Elvis and Priscilla wedding photo. The one that has a happy blonde standing up for Cilla?

It has recently been discovered that the matron of honor at Priscilla Presley's wedding was none other than...Joan Kardashian. That is right KARDASHIAN, the aunt to reality television stars Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe.

How can it be, you ask? Well obviously Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe were not the only family members to intermingle with celebrities, it started way before them.

According to LittleThings.Com, there is youtube video revealing Joan Kardashian helping primp the future Mrs. Elvis Presley moments before the big ceremony took place. This has opened an interesting can of historical worms, to say the least. While Presley fans are shocked to hear the news of a Kardashian participating in The king's wedding, others are also fascinated.

Many are now speculating a couple of off -the-wall possibilities such as, is it possible the Kardashian Curse affected Elvis and Priscilla's wedding. If there had not been a Kardashian present would everything in Elvis and Priscilla's life worked out differently? Also, many are wondering just how far back in celebrity history does the Kardashians go?

This could make an interesting book, maybe even one people would actually want to buy and read.

What are your thoughts on the Elvis Presley/ Kardashian involvement?