Chelsea came to Genoa City as a grifter. She was a con artist for a living and knew how to make her mark, while at the same time having good instincts. Lately, she has been letting her guard down, but she missed all the signs pointing to the fact that her good friend Chloe was a murdering psychopath. Now, Chelsea may have been taken in by Chloe's supposed suicide. It's possible Ms. Mitchell faked her death and is very much alive.

The cat and mouse game continues for Chloe and Victor

Chloe went on the run after Chelsea confronted her about killing Adam.

Chelsea has been trying to track down her former friend and bring her to justice. Chloe has always been one step ahead because she is being aided by a man with deep pockets, Chelsea's father-in-law Victor Newman. On Tuesday, Nick and Chelsea tracked Chloe to a psychiatrist who is keeping an eye on her for Victor. He insisted that he had no idea where Ms. Mitchel was, but Chelsea sees a sketch design that lets her know her once BFF is lurking around.

Nick gets the doctor out of the house so Chelsea can double back. When she returns to the home Chelsea finds Chloe lying on the floor with pills next to her. Paramedics are called and Chloe is pronounced dead. Chelsea begins to cry and expresses guilt for pushing her friend too far.

When Nick tells his father Chloe is dead, Nikki asks him if he realizes he is off the hook?

Victor begins hitting his punching bag and screams at Nikki that he does not care. His response, however, does not seem genuine. Fans may wonder if Mr. Newman set the whole thing up. He knew Nick and Chelsea were getting close so this may be his way of throwing them off the trail -- he may have even set the whole thing up.

Throwing them off of anything that leads directly back to him would be a smart move. Who knows? Victor may be the reason Chloe faked her own death.

Will Chloe rise like the Pheonix from the ashes?

Chloe was last seen on Wednesday lying on a gurney in the morgue. Chelsea told the psychiatrist to send her body back home to genoa city. If Chloe has faked her death it will be interesting to see what transpires between now and the funeral.

Will her body suddenly disappear or will she (accidentally on purpose) be cremated?

One thing is certain and that is if Victor Newman had anything to do with it, this is not the end. There are too many loose ends that need Chloe to help tie them up. "Young and Restless" fans are probably thinking that Genoa City has not seen the last of Chloe Mitchell.