Anna Duggar made the choice to stay by her man after everything that went down with them. Josh cheated on her, but he went to sex rehab and tried to work on his issues. Josh and Anna now have a fifth child on the way. Now it sounds like her sister actually believes in Divorce, unlike Anna. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details about Anna's sister getting a divorce. Are you surprised to hear that her family doesn't live by the exact same rules she does?

Who is calling it quits on their marriage?

Anna's older sister Rebekah McDonald and husband, Joshua McDonald, are getting a divorce.

The couple has been married for several years, but it sounds like now they are ready to move on. Her family is very conservative, so it is a bit shocking that she made this choice. You would easily assume that nobody in her family would ever get a divorce, but that just isn't the case. All of the details about what went down are not out just yet.

Rebekah McDonald filed for divorce, but she also asked for full custody of her children. That makes everyone wonder what the real reason is for their divorce considering she wants to keep the kids to herself. The only thing that the reasons for their divorce reveal are that they called it quits due to “discord” or “conflict of personalities." All that an insider shared was that their divorce has already been settled, but only because Rebekah agreed to less punitive terms.

These terms were kept a secret, but fans would love to hear details.

Could this end up causing family problems?

When Susanna Keller, Anna's other sister, had a child out of wedlock the family was not very happy about it at all. The immediate family reportedly shunned her after this and that couldn't have been easy on her. If they decide to disown Rebekah for the fact that she got a divorce then that is going to be hard on her.

She is taking care of her children without her husband by her side, so of course, she needs the support of her family during this hard time. You don't really get to see Anna's family on the show much, but a few clues may come out there or even on social networks if you pay attention closely.

Are you shocked to hear that Anna Duggar's sister Rebekah is getting a divorce?

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