Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless," Chloe's family and friends said their final goodbye. At the end of the service, Kevin allowed little Bella to place a flower on her mother's casket and touch the photo of Chloe that was sitting nearby. After everyone else left the sanctuary, Kevin stayed a few moments longer and received the surprise of his life.

Someone comes out of the casket

Kevin's final words to his wife in front of the mourners were touching. He referred to her as a beautiful soul who tried really hard in life. He tells his family and friends that Chloe was full of love for her mother, her children, and for him.

No matter what Kevin says, however, it does not excuse the fact that Chloe planned and elaborately carried out cold-blooded murder. She blew up a cabin with Adam Newman inside after tranquilizing him.

Kevin is so overcome with grief that he is not thinking about that fact and obviously wants his daughter Bella to remember the good in her mother. As he stands alone looking at his deceased wife's casket, the lid to the coffin begins to move. Kevin looks horrified as it opens wider and he faints. As the scene comes to an end it appears that Chloe is rising from the dead.

Spoiler alerts will lead the way

Spoilers for Y&R have already indicated that Victor helped Chloe fake her death, and that she and Kevin will be reunited.

They have not, however, addressed the devil in the details. No one mentioned seeing the body prior to the funeral service. Some believed that the casket was empty because Victor whisked Chloe away somewhere.

Anyone who has ever been a part of planning a funeral knows that the family must provide clothing and later view the body.

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Loved ones must approve of the hair and makeup before the body can be viewed by mourners. Of course, it is possible that a family may decide not to view a body, but why would neither Kevin nor Esther desire a final look at Chloe before the casket is closed for good? Kevin fainting would indicate that he was not in on whatever is going on.

Will he awake to find that his dead wife is alive and well, or was someone else placed in the casket to throw things off?

Greg Rikaart, who portrays Kevin, will be leaving "The Young and the Restless" in August. If indeed it is Chloe who is coming out of the casket, where will she reside for two months until Kevin is written out of the show? If anyone spots her she will be arrested for Adam Newman's murder. Wednesday's episode of the show should give some clues. It may, however, leave viewers with more questions than answers.