On "The Young and the Restless," Tessa and Mariah seem to like each other and are beginning to bond. They are finding that they have connections and Ties That Bind them both to Genoa City. There is one common denominator they share with quite a few others in this town, they both are victims of the manipulations of Victor Newman.

Tessa and Mariah are getting close to one another

Mariah and Tessa run into each other occasionally. Most times their encounters take place at The Underground. These young women have no clue about the common denominator that they share. On Monday, as they were talking, Mariah told Tessa how she pretended to be the ghost of her dead twin Cassie in order to frighten Sharon.

She laughed, but at the time the situation was not so funny.

Mariah stopped short of telling her new friend that Victor Newman was behind it all. Because of her step-grandfather, Mariah almost caused her own mother to have a nervous breakdown. Now, ironically, she is bonding with a woman who is currently doing what Mariah fell prey to in the past. Tessa is doing Victor's bidding, and this time, it is Nikki's physical health that may suffer because of Victor's manipulations.

The ties that bind can also sever

On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," it was revealed that Victor is the person Tessa is always talking to on the phone. He hired her to manipulate his wife into taking her in. Nikki is fond of Tessa and believes she is doing a good deed in helping a woman in need.

Just like her friend Mariah, Tessa is willingly allowing Victor Newman to use her to hurt someone, and that individual is his own wife.

Victor convinced Mariah that what he was doing to Sharon was a necessary evil. He has no doubt coerced Tessa into believing the same where his spouse is concerned. Mariah was eventually forgiven in her role to gaslight her mother.

Over time, Nikki developed a decent relationship with her step-granddaughter. Mrs. Newman may not, however, forgive Tessa so easily as there is no family bond with the young woman. When the truth comes out, this will no doubt sever the bond the two women were forging.

The one person who may understand and issue an olive branch could be Mariah. She has walked in her friend's shoes as she has been there and done that where Victor is concerned.

Mariah knows what it is like to be young and in desperate need of money. Mariah might be the only person to reach out to Tessa in her time of need, which surely will come. She and Victor both will be in the dog house when this truth is revealed.

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