If you’re looking for new movies of 2017, and you enjoy grindhouse and Action flicks, then the upcoming "Karate Kill" is the picture for you. Described as a nod to Cannon Films – the creators of ‘80s films like "American Ninja," "Invasion U.S.A.," and "Missing in Action" – "Karate Kill" is a throwback to action Movies of yesteryear. Directed by Kurando Mitsutake ("Gun Woman"), the film stars newcomer Hayate, Asami ("The Machine Girl"), Kirk Geiger ("A Very Sordid Wedding"), and former WWE (Katie Lea Burchill) and TNA wrestler (Winter), Katarina Waters.

This reporter received an official screener of the b-movie action flick, and it did not disappoint.

'Karate Kill': Synopsis

When karate master Kenji’s (Hayate) young sister, Mayumi (Mana Sakura), is kidnapped and taken to the U.S. by a lethal cult, he will stop at nothing to rescue her. But in order for Kenji to rescue his sister, he must destroy the cult members one by one.

The delivery

This is one of those action movies that’s very straightforward. Not only is this a nod to grindhouse movies from years gone by, but it also pays homage to classic video games like "Kung-fu" and "Double Dragon." As Kenji investigates his sister’s disappearance, he faces a number of henchmen, martial artists, and obstacles along the way.

The direction, paired with well-thought-out choreography, makes the action of the fight scenes very entertaining. In one particularly impressive scene, Kenji fights numerous foes at the same time while the camera slowly turns 360 degrees.

"Karate Kill" has the usual ingredients that fans of grindhouse and classic action movies have loved for years: over-the-top violence, humor, gore, nudity, and of course, karate fights.

All of the action and drama is accompanied by an authentic score that stays true to the pulpy genre. Hayate does a great job as the lead in the action flick, especially considering this is his first feature-length film, so don't be surprised if you see him in many other action movies in the future. WWE and wrestling fans should enjoy seeing Katarina Waters as Simona, and she delivers a solid performance.

'Karate Kill': Release date

Action fans can look forward to "Karate Kill" coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD (including iTunes, Xbox, and Comcast) on July 18. With its grindhouse-feel, exciting action, and humorous pulp, "Karate Kill" is a must to put on your list of new movies to watch in 2017.