Fans will know the beloved snowman character Olaf from his appearance in "frozen" in 2013. The lovable comedic character is getting his very own movie, which is due to be released this November. The movie is a 21-minute long short, which focuses on the spirit of Christmas and family traditions.

Olaf realizes that Anna and Elsa don't have any Christmas traditions

Nothing can be worse for a snowman like Olaf to come to the realization that his friends do not have any Christmas traditions. He decides to set out to find the perfect Christmas tradition for Princesses Anna And Elsa.

As fans will know from "Frozen", the girls were orphaned when their parents were lost at sea. Olaf notices the absence of the spirit of family and he is determined to make this right.

This ends up with the beloved snowman wandering the whole of Arendelle to see what family traditions there are. With the help of the adorable character Seth, the two set off on their adventure. As his journey goes on, Olaf ends up collecting everyone else's Christmas traditions. The trailer shows the hilarious interactions the snowman has with the people of Arendelle as he quirkily visits their houses.

What can fans look forward to in this short movie?

Fans will be treated to a total of 4 new musical numbers created by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel.

Snippets of the songs feature in the movie trailer and one appears to be a Christmas song about the importance of family and being together during the holidays. This is sure to be a beloved family movie about the importance of friendship, family and the holidays. It could not be coming at a better time!

Fans can be assured that favorite characters Anna and Elsa will also be featuring in this short.

The two are seen in the trailer battling with the fact that they don't have any Christmas traditions. Elsa blames herself apologizing to her younger sister but, true to the Disney form, what is a dark moment will be turned into a comedic adventure starring Olaf, voiced by the hilarious Josh Gad.

The Disney movie is a festive treat for fans and is sure to make them even more excited for the up-coming movie "Frozen 2".

"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" is a way of keeping fans interacting with the "Frozen" franchise as the sequel "Frozen 2" is set to be released in 2019. The trailer shows all the aspects of a successful Disney movie as themes such as friendship, family and Christmas are explored. Fans simply cannot wait for November to roll around!