"Frozen 2" is one of the most highly-anticipated movies from Disney. In line with this, several speculations about its storyline have been making rounds. Finally, Josh Gad who plays Olaf in the movie reveals some spoilers.

There is no doubt that the fans of "Frozen 2" have been waiting to know more about the movie's details. Rumors about the sequel have been making rounds left and right. Luckily, Josh Gad has finally revealed about the spoilers and speculations that were thrown to the franchise.

Josh Gad opens up about Olaf's love interest

Josh Gad recently spoke with Al Roker of the TODAY's show and revealed some spoilers about the movie.

He admitted that he hopes Olaf will find the love of his life in the upcoming "Frozen 2" film. However, he is still unsure if the producers and writers of the movie will allow Olaf to show his romantic side in the story. For sure, it will be interesting to see a snowman falling in love with a person or an ice creature made by Elsa.

The "Murder on the Orient Express" actor also revealed that the filmmakers of "Frozen 2" are doing their best to make the second franchise as good as the first one. Gad says Disney will not release a story that is not going to top the success of "Frozen."

In the end of the interview, Gad joked that he felt harassed by Roker. Perhaps, he was not allowed to talk about the details of "Frozen 2." He even joked that he will need a restraining order against Roker.

Anna will become a villain in 'Frozen 2'

Speculations have been going on the internet that Anna will be turned as a villain in the second part of the Disney movie. According to new reports, Anna will be brainwashed by some characters in the sequel, which will turn her into a villain. Anna will turn into an antagonist, as she discovers her power can counter Elsa's strength.

Persistent rumors suggest that Anna will have the power of fire. Although she will not automatically turn into a villain, the people who do not have good intentions will brainwash Anna to hate her sister.

Apparently, Anna will be interested in obtaining the throne from Elsa, which will make them unleash their respective power against each other.

If these rumors were true, then the life of Anna and Elsa would be in danger and one of them can face death.

"Frozen 2" stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and more. The film will be directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The highly anticipated "Frozen" sequel will be released on November 27, 2019.

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