Demetrius Stear is an Actor from Illinois who was raised in Kentucky and served in the U.S. Army. Demetrius has always been interested in showbusiness and is deeply influenced by the performances of Denzel Washington, Ridley Scott, Paul Newman, and famed director Stanley Kubrick.

Now residing in California, Demetrius has appeared in movies such as “Evil Nanny,” “Buddy Hutchins,” and “12/12/12.”

Demetrius’ most recent film is called “Death Pool” which follows the story of a troubled young man who survived an attempted drowning at the hands of his babysitter only to become a serial killer in his adulthood who has an insatiable compulsion to drown attractive young women.

Creepily, this frightening and disturbing story is based on true events.

Demetrius recently discussed his experiences being an entertainer and working in the film industry and his hopes for the future as a whole.

Recent movies and roles

Meagan Meehan (MM): What was it that initially inspired you to etch out a career as an actor?

Demetrius Stear (DS): When I was young all I did was watch movies and television shows. I would recite movie lines verbatim with the best of them. For me, the television was my babysitter. Denzel Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Robert DeNiro all were magical to me, and their performances really inspired me to be an actor.

MM: In your opinion, when did the ‘big break’ happen for you?

DS: Probably “Buddy Hutchins” but ask me that same question in another year, and it could be “Death Pool”!

MM: How did “Death Pool” come about and when did you get involved with the project?

DS: Jared Cohn pitched it to me with his vision of making a stylized serial killer movie. I loved the uniqueness of the script. It was something that stood out to me as soon as read it. I was ALL IN from that point.

MM: "Death Pool" is based on a real story, so can you please tell us a bit about that true-life background and the aspects of the script that attracted you to it?

DS: Jared researched some stories about a serial killer in the Valley that was also connected to some drownings and that sparked the idea for the script. I liked the originality of the script. When Jared laid it out for me, he had a vision of making it stylized, and that really attracted me to the project. Once I read it, I knew I wanted to play Brandon since he was the devil on Johnny's shoulder and I enjoyed being a total degenerate.

MM: In the film, the main character survived an attempted murder by drowning and then, as an adult, he drowned several people, so what do you think the psychological implications of that were and was it difficult to translate them via your performance?

DS: Traumatizing; he really was a tortured soul who was trapped in his mind. Anytime you are doing a role with this kind of material I think you have to go to dark places to convey your emotions and, believe me, it was difficult at times.

MM: What are your other films about and have any been special favorites?

DS: Mostly horror/thrillers seem to be what I've been mostly involved in thus far but I would say "Death Pool" playing Brandon has been my favorite role thus far. The film itself was interesting to me because you really couldn't fit it into a box; in a word, it’s different…and I like that.

Future projects and aspirations

MM: What would be an ideal project for you as per genre and character type/role?

DS: Ideally, I would love to do a crime drama genre film since Michael Mann is one of my favorite directors. I really enjoy “Heat,” “Thief,” and “Collateral” since I love heist movies.

MM: Do you consider yourself to be a fan of genre movies?

DS: I am a fan of genre movies because they’re a lot of fun. I’m a Netflix junky, and more times than not I’m watching a genre film.

MM: What have been some of the best parts of working in the movie industry this far?

DS: Seeing my dreams and goals turn into reality. I enjoy developing a project and seeing it comes together from its infancy all the way to the finished product. It’s gratifying in a different way than acting.

In ten years, I see myself exploring that area along with continuing to tell interesting stories through acting.

MM: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention and what advice might you offer to people who are also trying to make a name for themselves in entertainment?

DS: In addition to “Death Pool” I have two other films slated for release in 2017. One of the films is a haunting story called “The Domicile” and the other film is set for a Halloween release called “HPKK.” I’m also developing a Chuck Dixon graphic novel titled “GOMERS" that will hopefully become popular in the future.

As per advice, I’d suggest working with people who have the same vision and aspirations as you do. Also, take action yourself and develop a plan because consistency is key.

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